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The Hotel Project

We urgently need a permanent home for our YWAM base. We have a Discipleship Training School beginning January 15 with over 25 participants and we need a central place to host the school. Our criteria is that it needs to be strategically located in the city, close to parks, shopping, the beach, and community life. There is a hotel that has caught our attention with 13 bedrooms, kitchen, dining and access to the community pool. Next door is a storefront that is also for sale. The hotel comes fully furnished and has some potential for expansion. The two properties together are priced at $960,000 dollars, which includes closing costs, a reserve fund, and additional funds for expanding the kitchen.  

Establishing Roots in a Strategic Location

Hotel Room

The Hotel + Storefront is on Sale for $960,120

A key location with 13 bedrooms


Building the Base

This is truly an investment in long-term ministry.  Once we have acquired the hotel, we will continue to run our discipleship schools and local outreach out of this center.  The income from these schools generates revenue to fund ministry.

God is Providing

We have raised:


This property is a God-sized dream and is absolutely impossible for us to acquire without a miraculous provision.  If you are feeling something that inspires you to be part of this miracle, please contact us.  Also, please share this with anyone you know who would wish to partner with us to reach Spain for Jesus.

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