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Adventure awaits

Life begins where your comfort zone ends

Abundant life with Jesus should be our greatest adventure and we strive to live daily with this passion. For 5 intense months you will experience and know God not only through His Word, but also in His world.  


Your Adventure Discipleship Training School
begins Feb 2, 2025

During the first three months, experienced and anointed teachers will share various teachings including:

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  • How to Study the Bible

  • Character & Nature of God

  • Hearing the Voice of God

  • Worship

  • Intercession & Spiritual Warfare

  • The Person & Works of Jesus, God the Father, & the Holy Spirit

  • Healthy Relationships

  • Biblical Christian Worldview

  • Calling, Destiny, and Gifts

  • Evangelism

  • God’s Heart for the Nations

  • Missions

  • And much more

​In addition to this training, other activities include worship, intercession, small groups, fellowship, evangelism and creative workshops to prepare for ministry.


The final two months are an outreach where we can put this training into practice as we share the hope of Jesus with others in practical ways.  Our focus for this DTS is work with children and refugees.

Throughout the discipleship school, we issue new challenges each week.

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Experience parasailing, kayaking, skiing, or unicycling. Try fasting, memorization, and meditation on God's word. Find solace in nature. Develop new skills and basic survival training. Increase your confidence as a leader. Face uncertainty. Embrace new languages and cultures. Learn to minister with children and refugees. 


You will be stretched, encouraged to grow, and experience life-change.


Are you willing to allow God to test the limits of your faith, mind, and body?

Here are the next 3 steps

Application Links

Our next DTS is:
Feb. 2 - June 21, 2025


Deadline to apply is Dec 20, 2024. 


(After this date, ask about joining the waiting list)


Share this reference link with two people and ask them to fill it out.

  1. Pastor

  2. Employer or Teacher


All fees are due during the first week of the school.

  • €50 application fee

  • €2590 lecture fee

  • €2590 outreach fee

  • €420 activity fee


What is the process after applying?

Once we receive your application and two references, our staff will generally spend no more than 10 days calling references and praying as a team. Should you be accepted, we will request proof of medical insurance, a photocopy of your passport, and a criminal background check (in the schools where we work with children and minors).  We will send you an acceptance packet with airport details and arrival dates, packing lists, and all relevant information about this amazing school. We will personally pick you up at the airport and the adventure will begin!

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