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5 things to bring from home to your DTS that you probably never considered

1. Your favorite small card game / board game

We love to play games as a way to relax and connect with one another. Some of our best memories are those awkward or tense moments in the game when someone makes that awesome (or horrible) play and we all nearly die laughing in the aftermath.

(OK, so Civilization isn't exactly a compact board game!)

2. Photos of your family/home/pets (in an actual mini-photo album!)

You are probably thinking, "But I already have photos on my cell phone!" There will be moments however, particularly on outreach, when you want to connect with a person without flashing your expensive phone. By showing a photo of your house, your parents, or your pets, you can express so much about yourself without even using words. With a little practice, this photo album can be a fantastic tool to create connections and even share your faith.

Willy dressed up for our YWAM Fall Fest Event!
Willy is all dressed up for our Fall Fest event!

3. Small, inexpensive gifts that represent your hometown or country

Things like chocolate, coffee, and handcrafted items make great gifts for your classmates, visiting teachers, or for a foreign national when we are traveling abroad.

Chocolate from Colombia
Chocolate from Colombia

4. Your favorite recipes and certain unique ingredients

If you love to cook (or eat!) a special meal, plan ahead now and ask Grandma for that recipe, because you know how much she will struggle if you ask her later to e-mail it to you! If there are special ingredients or spices, send us a message to see if they can be found here in Spain. (If you love to bake, you'll want to bring a small bottle of vanilla, as Spain only sells imitation).

Savory spices that are hard to find in Spain!
Savory spices that are hard to find in Spain!

5. Simple decorations to personalize your space

We live in a shared housing space, so you will have one or two roommates (that may or may not even speak your language!) You may want to consider bringing some small things that remind you of home, family, or friends.

Russian Nesting Dolls
Maybe you'll bring your nesting doll collection?

Which of these 5 things do YOU think is the most essential?

  • Card Game/Board Game

  • Photo Album

  • Small Gifts

  • Recipes and Ingredients

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