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10 Great Reasons to do a DTS at YWAM Costa Tropical, Spain

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

10. Breathtaking Location

Our little paradise is nestled between the hills and the Mediterranean Sea. Here you can enjoy quiet time with God as you sit on the beach in the company of dolphins. This is an ancient area, with medieval castles, Roman-era aqueducts, and ancient Moorish watchtowers, all within walking distance of our YWAM community. If you enjoy sunrises over the sea, beaches lined with palm trees, nature preserves full of hiking trails, and exotic flowers, you will love the tropical coast (Costa Tropical) of Spain. It is truly one of the best DTS locations in Europe!

A girl looking into the sunset at YWAM Costa Tropical

9. Excitement and Adventures

You won’t have a lot of time to be bored. We have so much to do here! Some of the programmed extracurricular activities included in the DTS include parasailing, snorkeling/SCUBA hiking, and even skiing! We will explore caves and visit historic sites. We believe that a life with Jesus should be the greatest adventure, and we strive to live life to the fullest with Him!

A man in a kayak on the shoreline

8. New Challenges

Are you comfortable with where you are in your walk with Christ, or even where you are in life? Here at YWAM Costa Tropical, we believe in a growth mentality, open to change and open to a challenge. The Bible says “Iron sharpens iron”. (Proverbs 27:17) Be prepared to be sharpened and stretched. You will have plenty of opportunities to face your fears and to overcome obstacles.

A man unicycling at the beachfront in Spain

7. Spanish and International Culture

Learning about different cultures is a huge part of YWAM and we have staff and students from all over the world. Another benefit of our community is that you can experience many different cultures just by stepping outside. We are located in an area where many people from other countries come to visit and live. Just walking down the street you will hear Spanish, English, Dutch, German, Swedish, French, and more. The locals are friendly and very accustomed to communicating with those who might not have mastered the Spanish language. This is also a historically important area, occupied by the Phoenicians, Romans, Visigoths, Moors, and Spanish as a strategic port on the Mediterranean.

The aqueduct of Almuñécar build by the Romans in the first century

6. Fun, Friendly, and Knowledgeable Staff

At YWAM Costa Tropical, we enjoy life! We love to spend time together, eating, playing cards, and doing ministry as a team. We have regular times of worship and intercession, and are always growing together. Our team has led Discipleship Training Schools since 2012 and seen numerous young people trained and released. Many enjoy the school so much that they return to become staff members at our base or elsewhere in our YWAM family.

A group of staff and students at the beach

5. Healthy AND Delicious Meals

Our base has a high value in food, and we believe it is important to eat healthy! But that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice flavor. When you come here you will be able to try many different cultural foods from all over the world and your taste buds will thank you! The local cuisine is superb, and our staff have been trained to cook wholesome delicious meals!

A beautiful charcuterie board

4. Affordable and Accessible

We are one of the more affordable Discipleship Training Schools in the western world. For most people, our entire five-month training school costs far less than a semester at University, and our schools include food, housing, adventures, and all transportation costs after arrival. At just 1 hour from Málaga international airport with flights to most major hubs in Europe, we are well connected.

A Map of Spain and YWAM Costa Tropical

3. Find your calling and purpose

Many of us reach a crossroads in life or face a major decision where we need God’s clear direction. What better way to seek God’s plan for your life than to set aside five entire months with the sole purpose of getting closer to our Creator? As you live and serve along like-minded people, we will discover gifts and abilities that may be dormant or hidden. As we grow and minister together, you just may awaken a passion and purpose for your life.

A young man praying over the city of Toledo

2. World-class Education

During your time in this school you will learn many skills that will help you in future ministry opportunities and also in future work environments. Each week, we invite a different teacher to instruct and minister in our classroom. These men and women of God come from various nations and backgrounds, and we have access within our YWAM network to the most experienced teachers across the globe. You will learn how to relate to God and how to relate to others, as we grow in knowledge of the Bible and in applying that to our interpersonal interactions.

An international teacher at YWAM

1. Unforgettable Memories

These experiences WILL shape your life and remain with you forever. From the times you stay up late playing games with your roommates, to the times you have a little kid from a refugee camp choose you as their “person.” You will see God moving in ways you’ve never experienced before and in ways that will leave you with a hunger to draw closer to him.

A group celebrating at a formal restaurant

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Erik Magnusson
Erik Magnusson
30 груд. 2022 р.

Excellent captivating headline!! seriously, who does NOT want to do a DTS there after reading that list!?!?

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